A little look back at, (ahem) January! lol ;)

Okay – I have a small confession to make here. This session was from JANUARY of 2014!!! Yikes, not good business on my end.  But, I’ve wised up a little this year and I just got a fabulous intern to help me out with all this blogging and Facebook stuff that I clearly don’t do well.  She’s a wonderful photographer herself and I’m looking really forward to teaching her a bit about the photography world while she helps dig me out of my social media rut! 😉  So bare with me while I make up for the last 8 months.  It’s been a great year with some of my most favorite sessions ever!

So, back to that session/blog post from January…

To be honest, the end of 2013 was a little rough. The Holiday season nearly did me in.  I found myself repeating the saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’, many times over.  2013 was my busiest year yet, and for that, I am so grateful and proud of this accomplishment.  2013 was also very busy with my family life. We moved homes smack-dab right in the middle of holiday picture season, my 3 boys were all in soccer, tae kwon do, and various school functions, and to top it all off Ryan and I had various work and personal functions to attend.  By the time January rolled around I was a zombie.  My camera had been stowed away and I truly had no desire to dust it off.  This worried me….bad.

Then, I got a voice mail from one of my favorite Coronado moms.  I automatically related to her frazzled and a little bit panicked voice.  She stated that her family just found out that her husband was going to be deployed in SIX short days and as she was walking around her home she realized there was not a family picture with her youngest daughter (just turned 1).  Right then, the spark in me returned.  I felt a huge need to help her and I yearned to capture her family!  I did not think twice and called her back with true excitement in my heart and we set up the session for 3 days later.  She wanted something easy and not too stressful, she has 4 children after all – ranging in the ages of 1-10.  I am all about the easy and stress-free sessions.  I want everyone to to be themselves so I can capture them as they naturally are. We decided on meeting at their home and talking a 5 minute walk down to the Coronado Ferry Landing, which is what they normally do on their Sunday mornings.

This session truly represents why I love photography and do what I do.  From her somewhat desperate phone call, to meeting her entire family (and instantly connecting to them), to following them around for an hour on their Sunday walk and capturing them just being them, to editing each picture with a huge smile on my face, to pressing the send button on the email sharing the gallery, to getting the most heartfelt message thanking me for capturing these images.   Enough with the rambling, here are some of my favorites with one of my favorite families!!Sneakpeek_131Sneakpeek_130 Sneakpeek_125Sneakpeek_126Sneakpeek_128Sneakpeek_124Sneakpeek_123Sneakpeek_122Sneakpeek_121Sneakpeek_129Sneakpeek_133  I hope you all (all 2 of you who read my blogsite!) ;D, see why this session was SO wonderful!! A perfect beginning to 2014!! A HUGE thank you to the D Family for renewing my love for my camera and this thing I call work! XOXO, Kelli

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