Meet Kelli

Welcome to Beyond Words…

Thanks for stopping by! I’d like to share a little about myself.  First up, I’m a mom – a mom of three boys no less (ages: 8, 5 and 4).  As you can imagine, I have thousands of pictures of my boys.  Each stage they go through there’s something beautiful to capture….from the dimples and the drool, to the silly faces and the pouts!  I sometimes feel like I am living in fast-forward. I often find myself saying, “wasn’t he just born?!”.  My camera has been my constant companion for capturing my boys and in a sense “bottling” them up!  From the small details like my baby’s eyelashes and the dimples on the back of his knees, to the bigger days when the training wheels came off and the first day of Kindergarten. I’m there with a camera in hand trying desperately to hold on to that moment….

Before photography, I was in the hospitality industry.  I have and always will love making people comfortable and happy.   I can’t imagine a better way to put a smile on someone’s face than by capturing those precious moments you and your family share.

Having a family of my own, I completely understand the importance of “picture day”!  You’ve spent countless hours thinking and shopping for the perfect outfits.  You’ve spent even more time getting everyone ready and begging them not to spill their juice on their new shirt, you’ve bribed them to letting you comb their hair “your way”, and you’ve promised ice cream after it’s over ‘if they could just please smile nicely’!  Trust me I know the drill.  I also want you to know that I am more than understanding when a temper tantrum might happen, or when the juice spills, or someone just needs a little “warming up” to the camera.  I work with you, your family, and your dynamics.  I want you to be yourselves, laugh, play, and enjoy each other!  I would be honored to capture these moments with your family!